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Let's manage that for you.

Emergency management consulting and project management services to help your agency or organization successfully prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

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Project Management

Full-service project management for local, state, and federal contracts spanning all phases of planning, administration, and execution using realistic and user-friendly solutions to get things done.

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Plan Development 

Development and implementation of various plans, policies, and procedures to enhance the emergency management capabilities of public and private sector organizations.


Exercise Design

Design, development, and execution of virtual and in-person Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-compliant tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises and customized programs.

Doctor pointing and presenting a poster with various COVID-19 related images displayed

After-Action Reports

Development of After-Action Reports and Improvement Plans (AARs/IPs) for exercises and real-world emergencies and disasters including COVID-19 whole community response and recovery.

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Marketing Campaigns

Strategy planning, branding, and development of public information campaigns, marketing/advertising content, and supporting visuals and graphics for various emergency management projects.

Graphic design office with laptop, desk, lamp, and various binders and books

Graphic Design Support

Dedicated in-house graphic design support to create stunning visuals for both printed and web content and transform every product into a beautiful, engaging, and memorable work of art.

Why choose Tamarack MGMT?

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Customization of services means everything we do is specifically designed for your agency or organization, unlike one-size-fits-all solutions utilized by larger firms.

Access a cohesive DREAM TEAM of subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds:

  • Active Threat/Active Shooter

  • Emergency Management/EOC Operations

  • Exercise Development

  • Grant Writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Hazard/Threat Assessment and Mitigation

  • Higher Education

  • Homeland Security

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Military

  • Planning and Preparedness

  • Mitigation

  • Response

  • Recovery

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Public and Private Sector Consulting

  • Public Health

  • Public Information and Warning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI)

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Continuous improvement and professional development of staff fosters an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and collaboration that elevates services to the next level.

Resume or CV document for professional and personal development

Seamless project transition, management, and communication means we can jump right in and get things done quickly.

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Every project is a work of art.

Make your life easier, while getting a lot more done.

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